The Preview

CLick above to download the MS Word version ofthe Valdez World Cup Guide, complete with pictures, sub-standard grammar, laughs and cries of horror. read it and weep.

General Gruber

There isn't time for me to edit this, the start of my world cup diary, up to the standard of my news reports, but I hope I can skim over the main bumps in the literal road so that some of you can roll along the text and come out with a fair idea of what the fuck has happened in germany…….But beware, this is no super-polished writing performance, more an undusted diary of a dope-fiend football nut.

Please excuse the reccurring grammar gremlins, they are unavoidable with the heavy schedule I have set for myself for this coming four weeks…It is my aim to watch every game and remain in my full-time horrorshow data-entry job. A tall-order, when you consider the fatigue enducing time issues of 5am kick offs…Still, it only happens once every four years, and hopefully, at the end of this torture I will possess and raw, but accurate account of truly living the world cup dream….Of course there is the chance my interest will prove merely a shooting star…but that is more down to Rooney and Luca Toni, than any other mitigating factors..
(if there is anybody with the time or inclination to help me edit these often very confused lumps of text, please message me at once)


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