Day Six…

Day six-

mayhem in the branches of the palm trees that line the field opposite the stone-cold block of flats where I dwell..dogs roaming the park…more non-humans than humans, tranquil, preternatural…lovely…green parakeets darting from tree to tree making all manner of musically pitched noises…at first I thought that maybe a mischievous possum had come across a birds nest, but after standing and observing for a few minutes I could not see the obvious movement of such a burly little beast moving amongst the cackling green winged vermin…
I have little interest in increasing my vocal human language skills(other than improving my English grammar, obviously)..everything I can say, can be translated into every over human language….I long for an improvement in my non human vocal communications skills….I wish I could squawk like a parakeet then join in their chorus of squeals…I wish I could stick my head in the ocean and decipher the resonating opera of the whales,,Cats are a species with whom I already have a great connexion. not with meow sounds though I have tried to research that area..invariably my attempts were met with bemused indifference by the felines agreeable enough to give my ‘meow’ full attention,,but cats communicate more on non verbal levels..and some of those levels I can use ..I swear cats read thoughts…

I was looking into shops with my glazed stoned eyes when a bright white ice cream shop interior half blinded me, I was knocked back by the shock, only to regain focus on a lady standing behind the counter inside, staring ,zombie like right into my globes…it was like a punch in the did she get in my inner sanctum so quietly and without my noticing?…my brisk walking pace turned instantly to a sprint..skunk opens channels into and out of your mind…can get proof if needed/..breaks down some barriers of entry/exit.
Spain v UkraineSpanish striker:Torres, 10goals/30games..up front with Villa. Raul, on the bench. Midfield of Alonso and Xavi is strong, Joaquin on the bench–good balance 2 attacking/2 defending. Cassilas in net always quality. Puyol and other Barca players have had great seasons…
Ukraine heavily dependent on ultra-efficient superstar, Andrei Shevchenko..who moves to Chelsea after the finals to start a career with Mourinho and co.
Prediction- perennial underachievers Spain have a far larger number of attacking weapons, but the Ukraine have the deadliest individual offensive device; Shevchenko..who if fit, should help his team to a draw or victory. If he is still suffering from his recent injury, I would unhappily tip the Spaniards to win this one….But I will go with my heart, not head, because the Spanish always draw a tighter, more repulsive(to onlookers) grimace onto my face than any other team, the reasons for this are myriad and too complicated to explain here and now, so the heart pines for a 3-1 victory to a Shevchenko hatrik.
Luis Garcia of Liverpool, is likely to be the best player on the pitch. He loves to shoot from range, fast, good at dribbling..quick thinker,
Cassilas is captain , Shevchenko boss for Ukraine,.

The Ukrainians hug…game plan must be ‘find Shevchenko’
Ref is Swiss.
Spain unbeaten in two years, 22 matches. Not lost a game whilst under the spell of racist Aragones…who has apparently done a good job of marrying tactics and flair, while dispensing with the all too common egotism.
Pablo and Puyol CBs for Spain.
6- Torres causing trouble when cutting in from left wing..strong tackle puts ball out for corner..
Spain looking very dangerous.
Ukraine coach is x-KGB.
Garcia pushed down left, fair shot but wayward..
New prediction system:
Head- 1-2 Spain., Heart– 0-7 Ukraine.
The foundations are bending, or are they already broken, and this house is smashed to pieces..have I been too stoned to see or care, or intentionally ignorant so as to let nature take it’s course…

GOAL. 13- Garcia finds Alonso in area , he heads to goal, through a muddle of players, keeper gets a hand to it, but ball flies into the side netting, deservedly, if I can say that after only 13 mins, Spain lead 1-0

17- two footed tackle hits Spaniard..Yellow for Ukraine…lovely slow motion video footage of both studs sliding towards unknowing Spaniard!!great stuff
FK for Spain…>Villa puts it straight over keepers head into roof of net..GOAL…2-0 Spain…free kick was central-20 yards. took a massive deflection of defenders head..Sharkovski had no chance as he had started to dive in the other direction..very lucky Spain…typical..

Xavi gives very good distribution from centre of park.

30-Ukraine coming more into it, but not surprising when Spain are 2up.
34-Spain’s 5th corner…

Spain have impressed with cohesive attacking endeavour. Dominated the half from start to finish. Their second goal, from the free kick, was fortunate, but to be more honest than I would like to be, the Spanish could and should have scored a few more. Ukraine terrible.shevchenko not fit.
Goal glut for the Spaniards…???
47-Vashcuk off, RED, as he takes down Villa, who fucked his shot that was saved, then he fell to the floor, ref had no hesitation, but after the replay, I have plenty..Spanish again lucky.1st penalty of world cup>>>Villa>>>Keeper went the right way but too much power> good pen.3-0 GOAL. Not a penalty,::>defender had small and meaningless tug on shirt OUTSIDE area, then Villa ran through, shot meekly then fell over after kicking defender..very poor decision by ref…was it for the tug? if so, the player didn’t stop, wasn’t stopped from shooting, was free to do as he pleased…harsh for Ukraine who are now finished..

52- Villa should have scored after shit defending allows him time and space from 4 yards..straight at keeper…poor play.
52 Torres hacked by Zverszerki..YELLOW.
55- Raul on, Alonso off SPA
Spain haven’t been at all tested..Ukraine team is a shambles; bland, uninspiring…Shevchenko invisible..
61- rare bout of pressure from Ukraine, leads to Voronin, half volley, shot flies a metre wide of goal..
63.Torres mown down 20 yards out..
64-SUB Rebrov comes on to rekindle love with Shevchenko…
73- chance for Rebrov on his right foot 12 yards but fucked it!
77-Fabregas-Spain’s youngest world cup player ever, at 19.
81GOAL 4-0 Torres continues his run into box to finish return pass with accuracy and style half volley into left of goal…
One chance in the whole game for Ukraine, which Rebrov fluffed.
90- Cassilas miles out of goal, gets caught out but Pablo back to defend the open net. Lucky..
92- first glimpse of Shevchenko..but three defenders are one too many..

Spain 4-0 Ukraine
The first goal was down to luck as Alonso just stuck his head in the direction of the ball, between two defenders, but on the early Spanish running it was a deserved lead. Villa’s free-kick took decisive deflection before finding it’s way into the goal, again very fortunate. A 2-0 down, the Ukrainians looked dead and buried, and when Villa ran through the defence, shot, then ran into Vashcuk’s ankle, earning a penalty and red card for the defender, the eastern European coffin was set in concrete. There is no way that the penalty or resulting red card, should have been awarded. It was a terrible decision by the ref which effectively signalled the end of the game from a competitive point of view. Only the fourth goal, scored by the courageous and talented youngster, Torres, was of any real quality. As a result of a poor Ukrainian performance, shocking refereeing and an unwanted bout of luck, not much can be judged of the Spaniards easy victory. Eleven vs. Eleven and I still think Spain would have won, but certainly not so convincingly…
MOM-Torres-tirelessly searched for an opening and scored a deserved, brilliantly taken goal.
A world cup debut to erase from the memory banks as fast as possible for the Ukrainians…

Saudi Arabia v Tunisia Tunisia are known for their style and grace, the Saudis are still smarting from a horrible 8-0 defeat in world cup finals 2002..
Australian referee!!does he know the rules???
Saudi keeper most capped in history…BIG GROUP HUG..sneaky look at opposition reaction..
Ali reserve goalkeeper for Tunisia is 40 years old, and looks it!
Trabelsi of Tunisia, maybe on his way to premiership…Ajax for now.
I start with a blank canvas when it comes to these two teams
Prediction 2-0 Tunisia
3-Ref says 'no' to calls for penalty. Good call.
Tunisian right winger is very pacey…
16- FK for Saudi, first chance for shot from set piece is wasted… but corner won, keeper misses, but defender puts clear for safety/
17-Tunisia sloppy in defence. Saudi coach known to love set piece routines.
23- GOAL..Tunisia in the lead.. kick floated in, knock down falls to Jaziri who makes no mistake ,acrobatically from 5 yards out..great finish..1-0 Tunisia
Bolton’s Jairdi of SAU, seems to have problems jumping! instead of challenging in the air, he plants his feet down like roots and stands tall and muscular…
35-YELLOW for Haggur TUNISIA for nothing worth describing..FK 26 yards out.central…terrible strike. No!— YELLOW for Bouazizi! For encroaching. FK take 2–better effort..easy enough for keeper . At least it hit the target.
39- Saudi keeper flaps at cross, but nobody about to capitalize.

236am I can hear cats fighting outside..reminds me of home, big Monty trading uppercuts with the local feral cat….and Whisper out late at night, hunting for just one more kill to add to his five for the day….Saudi chap has the face of a Persian sparrow…
46-free kick given, but then ref decides to blow for half time..
Abysmal game of football, and though I have been distracted with my glancing at recent arrivals on my hard drive(e-books: Timothy Leary- book of the dead, Kerouac-On the road, Burroughs-Naked lunch, Che Guevara-colonialism is doomed..), the action I have seen and heard from pitch-side has been largely dire. Tunisia aren’t playing that much better than their opponents and this one is far from finished…
We can only hope for the return of the entertaining football, that has been lacking in the hour to hour essence of World Cup 2006, since Italy despatched Ghana with an exciting brand of skill-full, attacking zeal aligned with professional brute-force defending (Cannavaro), two nights ago…
Looking at half time replays, Tunisia should have had a penalty, and their goal was wicked.
The players are trying, but there seems no individual capable of producing a moment of magic. What is encouraging is the fact that both teams are happy to shoot from any distance, surely just on the law of averages one of these pile drivers will soon end up burning a hole in the net…This game is like battleships, with the odd sub sneaking into the heart of enemy waterways, but they go in and out very quickly and are so scared of what may happen if they are spotted that their shooting is shit, fucked by nerves or just plain pathetic.
JAZIRI can obviously shoot. Give him the ball…

pitch invader carrying Tunisian flag shot dead by three snipers, who had been perched high above in the roof, watching the patriotic attention seeker’s every move…good work fellas!
47- Noor (SAU) finds the ball on his toes, after hapless defending from the Tunisians. The shot he managed was awful. should have scored
Jaziri the most lively player on the field.
52 Saudis seem more composed, purposeful
54-SUB TUN captain Bouazizi gives way to Nafti (Trabelsi now captain) who has played only 18 minutes of football in the last twelve months.
57-Wonderful flowing move:> ball down the Saudi right flank, midfielder runs into the channel then crosses ball low into box, finished clinically with power at near post by rising Saudi star, al Kahtani..1-1 GOAL…lovely goal
God worship celebration!
Saudis pouring forward…their equalizer was well deserved, they came out fighting after the break..and now look favourites to grab a winner.
62-SAU cheeky nutmeg by sparrow-face before weak left foot shot..followed by clever step-over which allows chance for Saudi attacker…foiled..
68 SUB Bird man is coming off (SAU) Temyat off, Hawsawi on.

Roger Lemmere constantly animated; sometimes as Sylvester the cat, sometimes as tweety pie, but mainly as pepe le pew..
71 SUB Chedli ,the rough as guts Tunisian centre-back, makes way for Hadli..the big man throwing a water bottle at the ground in disgust, when he reaches the dugout to take his place by his now terrified team-mates.

72- Tunisia now in the ascendancy…the subs broke the Saudi rhythm
74- Saudi keeper injured….on sidelines the reserve keeper is most capped player in history, he has played in every Saudi world cup match.
Physios work their magic with mixture of sponge on balls and codeine.
79-Chikhhaoui booked for Hagi’s tackle..i laugh hysterically, wrong player ref!, comical refereeing..
81- Sami Al Jaber, the Pro…’mr goal’they call him
SUB SAU veteran,Al Jaber->> Kahtani
SUB TUN Chikhaouio off, Essedderri on..
84-GOAL Al jaber is sent one on one with keeper, after quick counter by Saudis…brilliant goal..excellent finish by Al Jaber, across keeper into corner, left footed…what a substitution!
90-Sualiman free kick from wide right, hits frame of goal then bounces clear!!superb technique, unlucky mate…
92- GOAL, Tunisia grab an undeserved equalizer,,centre-back Jairdi is found in 6 yard box, now we see him jump and power a great header past keeper for 2-2…great finish. terrible marking, three Saudi defenders were watching the ball, not the opposing players…schoolboy errors.

94- great block by Jairdi to prevent Saudi shot…
The second half saw a very different Saudi Arabia who deservedly equalized, then took the lead in style and fantasy, with AL-Jaber emerging from the bench to score within seconds (of his arrival). It was unfortunate that Jairdi thundered his header into the net during the closing moments, to earn Tunisia an unmerited draw…the Brazilian manager of Saudi must have made a spectacular team-talk at half time to spark the change in attitude and performance seen on the field upon the players return to action, Also his decision to bring on the veteran striker Sami AL Jaber, paid instant dividends when the marksmen got on the end of a lighting fast Saudi counter-attack and despatched a cool finish past the keeper..
Good game in the end.

Round one of the group phase is finally over…

Best teams, in order of quality:
Argies, Italy, Czechs, Ivory Coast, and I hate to type it, but Spain(but their defence hasn’t been tested)
Biggest Disappointment: France
Player of the Round: Rosicky of CzechGermany V Poland.Can the host nation build on their opening day success???Is this the end of the toothless Poles???
My main interest in this match is to see Ballack, if fit, peddling his wares on the green field of dreams. To their credit, the Germans were admirably energetic and excitable during their 4-2 thriller with Costa Rica, and if they play with same mix of youthful exuberance, determination and spirit against the Poles, I expect the Krouts to win handsomely but remain ugly.
Zurawski– 15 goals in 51 games is hardly an inspiring hit rate for a striker. Not bad for a midfielder. Schweinsteiger was very impressive in the first game so expect him to figure prominently…31goals in 65 games for world class talent, Michael Ballack, who looks set to return from injury to massively bolster German hopes of imposing a crushing defeat on their European neighbours..Klose was sharp with a two goal haul v C.Rica, he will be eager for more…
with the heart:
Lacking the finishing prowess of Paulo Wanchope, I just can’t see the Germans playing worse against the Poles than they did against C.Rica, with that firmly in mind:>>>5-0 Germany
with the head:
surely the Krouts can’t play every match with boundless enthusiasm, but then again Ballack is back…3-0
Klinssman smiling…
Janas of Poland, cautious smile, more of a cat’s smirk.
Don’t tell any of my friends but…I am supporting the krouts!!!go Ballack you scwein!
3- Ref letting Germans get hacked to the ground!
3- Schneider savaged on right flank, writhes in pain… crunching tackle yellow Kyzynoek POL
Germans started with real and obvious purpose.
Coolest temperature so far..
Open match, both teams very attack minded..Poles need to win this one to have any chance of making it to knock-out stage. German victory assure them of 2nd round qualification..a lot at stake for both teams.
9- Poland have a shot!!!!Radowski picks up ball outside box, has a pop..easily saved by the Lehman
10- Ballack –great ball –finds Klose whose close range effort is blocked by ,already busy, pole keeper.
Very hot tempered affair…
Tackles flying in from both teams’
bad blood
20-Lham crosses from left, but Klose header is inches wide of post…
23-rare Polish excursion into German box curtailed by schnelienger..
Poles pile on the pressure..
Lahm, Schneider: harsh faces…like starving greyhounds after the rabbit..
25 FK for Poles.central.Zurawski.30 yards. dealt with..
28-Ballack crying in pain after Sobolewski grinds him to a pulp…he is okay after 30 secs!
FK long way out, German left..comes to nothing
The Kaiser-the only man watching as many games as me, taxied between matches by private jet.
36-Podolski finds space to turn and shoot in area, saved..
Klose and Podolski are two other nasty looking war hogs.
39 Zawaraski shoots wildly for the Poles, from an impossible angle on right.
Klinssman is shouting but his words and facial expression lack conviction..
41- good attacking move finds Schweinsteiger on edge of box who blasts miles over.
Pole in goal is a lunatic but tall.
Mezelder very solid in middle of German rearguard/
A lot of fouls, many really savage. Another ref would have given more yellows by now.
46-Podolski chance in box, one on one with kipper, but drags shot wide..he didn’t have much time but should still have done better.

An inordinate amount of players slipping over in these finals…
An entertaining, wide open match between two very competitive teams. This doesn’t look like the same Poland who got done by the Ecuadorians, though they still can’t shoot for shit. Germans have been the more authoritarian, dictating play for periods only to be pegged back by a flurry of Polish counter-manoueveres…Ballack yet to really find his stride or some space to shine. Schweinsteiger, and Schneider very dangerous on the wings. Klose in attack has gone close twice and wont miss another opportunity, his strike partner Podolski should have scored and has proved a major thorn in the side of the over-worked Polish defence. Worryingly, Lehman flapped like a flamingo at a Pole cross..could have fallen anywhere, but luckily Metzdler was there to mop up the spillage. Germans should be in the lead but the way it stands and while the Poles continue to threaten, I see the Krouts pressure and shot count paying off with at least a couple of goals, would be nice to see Ballack score a scorcher!
These teams must have bad blood because the majority of tackles have been at best malicious, at worst grievous.
553am,,these fools upstairs again making a ridiculously antisocial amount of noise…either they are retarded or just plain cunts..

I am fighting a losing battle to stay ship-shape enough to focus…swaying like a small yacht, stranded in a storm, captained by a dope fiend…that’s my boat! and I know there will be no land in sight for another three weeks…..
Come on Krouts! Do something special to wake me up and help me through this tie of acute fatigue…Klinssman hyper focussed
47- POLE keeper Boruc (plays club football for Celtic,)out his area drops ball..good thinking..wins free kick anyway for krout challenge mid air
Ballack is a man amongst a team of boys.
Schneider and Schweinsteiger swapping wings. Not permanently, just often.
57 Sturdy effort from pole striker Kaken.
58 Ballack booked for checking run of Kaken..
Poland with patient possession..but no penetration.
63- Ballack and Sobolwsk arguing.the big defender scares Ballack…he will be fine..
64 Odonker comes on for the Germans SUB
70-YELLOW Metzdler booked for ‘unsporting behavior’….
75- Sobolewski cynically hacks Germany’s Klose as he launches counter attack..2nd Yellow for the Pole= RED Poland down to ten men..he had to be booked for that challenge….
Lahm, dazzles crowd with fast, tight dribbling exploits, cutting in from the left, his antics end in a fine shot, that is spectacularly saved by the big Pole in goal, Boruc..79-Cross from Lahm headed against the bar by Klose, rebound finds its way to Ballack who also puts his effort against the frame of the goal….

Germans completely dominant…goal must come soon….laying siege to Polish final third.
(too much action to note, cant take my eyes off the screen. Germans pounding the poles!)
90—Finally GOAL for Neuville, Odonker had burst down the right flank,, delivers perfect cross for little Neuville the gerbil to sweep into the net…
Germans 1-0 Poland…

Poland have improved dramatically since their piss-poor showing against Ecuador, which might not look so embarrassing if the south Americans continue to gain momentum as they tumble into the second round. Frei and his comrades fought with exemplary spirit against a superior team and they deserve credit- of a sort- for holding the Germans until the very death of this exciting game of football. Both teams were very attack-orientated from the off, but after the Poles were justifiably reduced to ten men, the pattern of ‘German dominance with sporadic Pole counter-attacks’ changed instantly to ‘solely German Onslaught’. In the final analysis, the extra man, quality, and determination of the Krouts gave them their second victory on the trot and the ticket into the second round….Well Done Germans! though you won’t win the cup because the defence isn’t strong enough to compete with the big boys…
MOM:Lahm- The best of a good bunch of commendable Krouts.


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