Day eight

Argies v Serbia

Milosevic is a useless donkey. Can Kezman show his worth?

Argies were one of most impressive teams in first round..Serbia were defensively solid against the Dutch…

-Argies exactly same team as lined up v IC.


Argies 2-0


5- GOAL….Argies cut their way through Serb lines, Saviola sets up Maxi Rodriguez for a great first time finish past the Serbian keeper…lovely move…

7- Yellow for Koroman SERB. will now miss the next game. He was booked v holland for simulating the giving of a yellow card, mocking the referee, who promptly proceeded to act out Koroman’s routine for real by showing him the yellow..dickhead…

12- FK from 35 yards…Riquelme>Sorin connects but shot is a disgrace…he should have left it for a team-mate to have a pop.

Good for the spectator to see an early goal fly in because it means the Serbs must chase the game and the Argies have a little cushion of comfort which hopefully will release more of their obvious flair.

16 early SUB for Argies. injured Gonzalez needs stretcher…Sorin kisses his head as the crocked, distraught Gonzales is taken off.Cambiasso comes on

18- Milosevic barges Heinz in the back who falls awkwardly to the ground…..recovers…I am sure Gabriel will find time for revenge…

Dropping like disease ridden mosquito…

Stankovic runs through Burdisso..

Serbia are adopting a very physically confrontational philosophy.

24- Rodriguez hacked at the ankle by Koroman..dangerous FK. Riquelme

25 yards out, argie left—30 yards..cross is weak…I would have shot from that range.

28- Argies looking cohesive.

Cambiasso starts a move in midfield, passes to Saviola who finds Riquelme, before the ball finds it's way into Crespo's possession..He intelligently backhells the ball into the path of Cambiasso, who caps a wonderful team-move with a crisp finish past the keeper. .GOAL

breathtaking passing, fluid, beautiful football..glorious GOAL, best of the tournament to date,…argies 2-0

all this from Argentina without Messi.

37- Crespo booked, he was offside, complained and received a YELLOW

39- Kezman injured, kicking the floor in rage at his pain…

Physios are on, stretcher appears out of linesman’s left shorts pocket.

44- GOAL ball over defence..defender lost possession,….Saviola drives into the box,. Then squares the ball across the face of goal for Rodriguez to hit a shot against the post, then off the defenders boot and finally over the line….I give that to Rodriguez..3-0 ARgies

42- Klajdic YELLOW Serb.


Argentina have been quite simply, superb. Maradona, together with wife and daughter, looks delighted with the first half and so am I. For the last two years I have been tipping the Argies and Italians and I am glad to see at least one of my favourites showing the kind of team-spirit, vintage technique and determination – that Argentina displayed in the first 45 minutes of this match- which is worthy of The Cup itself. All the goals were well made, with the second an early contender for goal of the finals.

They have rhythm, solidarity and an exceptional array of attacking talents. Without any doubt, Argentina are in control of this game, and look likely to add to their well-deserved lead.

Serbia have been outclassed in every area of the pitch.

Maybe now the game is won- barring three miracles- we can see potential superstar, Lionel Messi….

Or Tevez…

Both need match time to get sharpness.


SUB for Serbia…

46- Milosevic has rare shot for Serbs….Well hit , goes for corner but the set piece danger is easily mollified by Ayala and co.

49- SUB for Serb..Koromon off for Ljuboja..eye-catching hairstyle but for all the wrong reasons…

54- innocuous challenge on edge of box results in FK for Argies…tackle from behind>

just left of centre.20 yards out…

FK RIQUELME— hit wall.

Serbs go straight on the counter, good ball to free man on far side of 18 yard area, then to Milosevic whose tame header is wide…

58- SUB Argies, the creative Saviola makes way for striker Tevez

65- RED for Kezman, who was warned by the ref one minute ago…red for two footed smash into Mascherano..

Kezman leaves the pitch, clapping his hands, met by justifiable booos from both sets of supporters and me..’boooooooooooooooo’/////

Georgovic for Serbs looks very composed..good passer of the ball.

69- SUB Serb. Vukic on for the in-effectual Milosevic

Crespo hates coming off the pitch without a goal to his name.

74- Crespo pole-axed inside area(nothing given by ref) after cheeky back heel from Riquelme,

75- Rodriguez, scorer of two goals, comes off to be replaced by Messi

Maradona, in argie shirt, with too many to count necklaces around his neck cheers wildly the arrival of MEssi.

77- Gavancvic, down the right , hits shot towards top right corner of goal, wins corner…

Riquelme release Messi into left of 18 yard,, the youngster drives a pass across the goal, and Serbian defender, under pressure from Crespo, slides the ball into his own net..GOAL

4-0 argies

85-GOAL. Riquelme intelligently finds Tevez who attacks down the left, cuts into box. Past the defender, past another, then finishes cooly past keepers left….5-0 argies..outstanding individual effort.

87–great play from MEssi who plays a delicate, accurate through ball for Crespo..shot is saved…

GOAL Messi scores delightful strike after some sweet passing involving >Riquelme, Crespo, Mascherano,> then Messi is set free in right of box..great finish..another lovely goal…6-0 Argies

1978 was last time argies won a game 6-0 (against Peru)

some Serb. players offering to shake hands even before the final whistle is blown….

MOM: Riquelme, assured, confident, and at the heart of everything flowing from the Argies…growing in stature with every game, like his team as a whole…

I pity any team which is reduced to ten men against this Argentinian side; only Italy could make that work. Obviously not Serbia and Montenegro.

Argies were mangnificent.


After watching both the recent friendly with Australia and the first group game against Serbia, Holland left me feeling disappointed and deflated.. I have read about- but I guess importantly not seen-  much excitement from Van Basten’s Holland, but apart from Robben and the always able Van Nistelroy, I see no stars in the orange shirts…

In fact I fancy the Ivorians to win this one. The last of the African teams with a chance to make a real impact in the tournament After losing narrowly to the ARgies in the first group match, IC will be confident of gaining points from this encounter. Drogba in attack is class and the left back Boca impressed me enough to force his way into my long term memory banks.


tough game but if the Ivorians play even 80& as well as they did against Argentina, they should win this…

2-0 Ivory coast

in the tunnel–drogba looks mean. Terminator focus…

I see Robben doing a lot of writhing around in agony during this one!


holland– a hymn? Van de sar and Cocu share that Scandinavian elf look.

IC-much more lively, though the players hardly seem to care,,,a nasty reminder of colonialism?…tough looking bunch of lads.

The return of the Toure brothers….

Drogba gives quick hug to both Van Persie and Robben.

Not one of Ivory Coast players works for a Ivorian club….

Van Basten making his own world cup diary??hey hotshot, stick to the management, leave the writing to me fucko./…


stern Colombian referee

4- handball by Drogba goes unnoticed but his pass back across goal is to no one but the dutch defence.

5- Van persie recovers lost cause, Cocu crosses, inches from Van Nistelroy’s head..

7- Van persie beats defender and crosses from right,, for IC…

11- Kone has Kawasaki ninja acceleration..

12- Eboue uses pace and strength to burst into right side of box, but is hugged to the ground by Van Bronkhurst..could have been a penalty..

Drogba of Samsonite strength.

Romanic with the wild blonde streaks of hair…constantly brooding akin to Cisse in demenor.

17- Kone puts ball through to bigger Kone(peroxide) whose powers shot in from tight angle..Van de sar clears to safety

20-good run from robben halted 10 yards from goal.

22- V Persie runs across box, gets crunched by Toure, FK.

20 yards. Robben, ?Van Persie??? VP hits pile-driver into right of net, around wall..great strike GOAL…1-0 Dutch…

Keeper should have got something on it, but to be fair the ball was hit with deadly venom…

24- YELLOW for Zokora IC van Bommell had dived without a touch from the IC man…Bommell is scum…or at best an embarrassment to his country.

Van persie on right and Robben on left,,great width..

27- Robben grabs ball. brings play into the middle, ball gets put through to V Nistelroy who makes no mistake with a surgically accurate shot past the stranded touch, then in the net GOAL .class from V. Nistelroy. 2-0 Dutch

Disaster for IC

delight for Dutch

33- Zekoram hits the bar with a wonderful effort from range

Robben holds his head in his hands,,yellow for diving…

38 GOAL—-fabulous run and ful blooded strike into top corner of the net by Kone .he picks up ball in central position, charges down the right, then unleashes an unstoppable drive from 22 yards that whistles past the giant frame of Van de Sara and into the top corner of the net…

Brilliant goal..perhaps the single best hit so far/// 2-1

Come on Ivory!!

I think we will be seeing Mr Kone playing for a decent European club come what August..

40-Van de sar rushes out to smother Drogba

41- Drogba booked

this ref has been incompetent.

Drogba booked for nothing, he didn’t kick Van de sar, in fact took measures to make sure his boots didn’t rip into the elfman’s vulnerable face..

Van Basten urging the troops to get stuck in, pummelling his left hand with his right, to illustrate what he wants to see.

42- Drogba counter-attacks on his own, but then his pass is cut out before reaching Kone who was approaching frm right flank.

Ref headset-remotes//this explains why many decisions look like the decision of someone other than the ref who delivers the verdict..44-Van persie has a shot beaten away from near post….

46- blonde Kone has wild shot from 20 yards..

Van basten with his arm round little van de Vart..paternal figure..


exhilarating match. Holland are fortunate to be one up against a very determined Ivory coast who believe they can get back into this one and win it..I share that belief…

Goals by Dutch were finished with proven quality….Kone’s belter for IC was explosive , like his pace…

An end2 end, enjoyable match so far…more of the same please lads…

I’m tired and I want to go home….but no rest for the wicked, and wicked I am ….

The fast evolving lady lies asleep on the futon. Lip-reading the words, supported by this cruel wicker chair, my body needs rest…..tommorrow is Saturday, a chance to  sleep-in until 230pm…must make up some of what I miss during the mon-fri range chicken and spuds for the regular roast planned for the Italy v Yankee game Sunday morning..


SUB boulaharz for Heitenga HOL

end2end still shots for van persie and kone///

49-IC FK 30 yards out..saved

50 SUB HOL Van de vart on, sneijder off.

51- Van nistelroy drives one from edge of box..handled by the IC keeper.(after spilling)

54- Eboue gets forward into the box ,strikes shot , defended for corner..

Dutch defenders all want to hug drogba, against his will.

Boka slams his palm on the turf to show his pain..ankle chopped…his team-mates had ignored him and played on, but they were in a good position when he took the hit..

Zacora has the skills with a Zidane pirouette…

stretcher for poor Boka

can they fix him?

58- Van Bommell booked YELLOW for lunge through Koni..

58-drogba runs down left, sets up blonde kone to shoot. Saved.

Boka is back on

SUBS IC Romenic for Yapi Yapo ON, and Kone off for Dondane…

IC have most of the possession.

Africans have half hour to save world cup dream..

Disgraceful handball in the area by V Persie,,,,

Tomorrow I will take a walk down the seafront path, not towards the people…away from the throng of humanity..

65- Boka booked for tripping Van persie, who would have been clean through….

FK HOL 35 yards>teed up for van de vart but shot is charged down before allowed time to blossom

70- IC keeper clears to Robben who runs straight at him,then shoots…ball is parried then cleared..

73- SUB IC Kone off, Akale on

SUB HOL Landzaat on Van Nistelroy off,

strange situation …whistle from crowd and Dutch players screaming for IC to put ball out because one of their players was off the field receiving treatment..why should they stop??????2nd time this cropped up.if player is off the pitc, why stop the game?

77- Eboue goes down, calls for penalty, looks at ref, then realizes he hasn’t got one then writhes in agony for the hell of it..wasting his team precious time/..idiot/

Drogba header, misses everyone but Persie, whose chest saves a goal on the line…

all IC

81- Van de sar saves from simple yapi yapo shot struck from just outside box

7-15 shots to the IC

85- three in the areas but Robben opts to shoot over, after cutting in from the right.

89-Robben back heel sets up van de Vart but his shot is easily saved..

Three corners in last minute but still the IC can't break down the dogged defence of the Dutch.

FT-ref blows whistle and uses his left hand to trace a cross over his chest..

Holland are through to the second round. IC go home early…but do get to take out their aggression on the pitiful Serbians before boarding the plane…

IC were the better team but Holland were the more accomplished finishers…..

Van Basten and his men are still far from convincing, but two out of two wins is the perfect start on paper….

Neighbours making selfish noise at 415am/slamming doors, speaking loudly and very gruffly outside their flat/.///I could approach and say ‘hey sir..why don’t you shut the fuck up’ but if they are Aussie neanderthals, I may have to recede, with haste, back into my lair, then ring the coppers for some muscle…but I couldn’t ring the pigs cos I have stinking flowers in aroma and physical presence….COCKROACH UP THE WALL> outline on white surface..easy picking for the back of my world cup chart..will add authenticity to future reminiscing…

"G’day Mr P,,you called us about some ‘human scum that needed to be culled",can we come in please" says the burly copper, gruffly..

"ummm,.,,yeh why the fuck not officer piddles!!come right into my lair" I reply,,bluffing of course..

"Mr P, why does your flat stink like a Jamaican smoking den?..DON’T answer that, we shall return with a warrant..thanks for your time..We will be seeing you Mr P." concludes the stinking pig…..

A cop is rarely a dope-fiends ally.

Her snoring is punctuated by bouts of dreamy whining..not really of pleasure….difficult to describe…neither of joy nor pain…somewhere in between.

Mexico v Angola

Sanchez in goal, was given a bouquet of flowers at start of game with Iran…condolences for recently passed Sanchez senior.

Marquez was excellent in the first game, and Mexican attack was very mobile and skilful..My problem with the squad is height, or rather the lack of height to be more specific…

The Angolans managed to hold back a talented Portugal to a slender 1-0 victory and Portugal are a far tougher and exciting outfit than Iran which leads me to think this game will be tight…. They(the Africans) are large and determined and their physical advantage could be the decisive factor for a team which must win to stand any chance of making it through to the second round…

Who is through to 2nd round?

Ecuador, Germany, England, Argentina, Holland

Prediction- fast, small dribblers against statue-esque warriors from the dark continent…It is time for one of the African teams to make a charge for Round 2..Ivory coast have gone, can Angola make this their time to shine…Mexico 3- 1 Angola (Head)Mexico 2-3 Ang(heart)

Mexico anthem–strange hand horizontal salute…

Can the performance of Angola match the vibrance of their kit?

Borgetti still injured…Zinha plays in his place.

Ref is from Thailand


tackling of Angolan v Portugal game was generally fearsome.

1- Calcido, cuts in and shoots from 30 yards curls just over the top corner of the goal..great start//

Akwa still main/only goal-scoring threat for Angola.

3- Kalanga injured…ref stops play….he was head butted in the ribs by a Mexican..the big man recovers…

Marquez was instrumental in Mexico’s first game victory…lynchpin of the team

White Torarddo (MEX)with Afro hair….good choice,,,

8- Kalanga down injured again…his left foot got booted full pelt by Mexican…must have hurt…

10– brave Kalanga re-enters the fray…

11- FK 30 yards out..just left of centre..MEX..solid effort from Pardo. saved.

12-YELLOW for Delgado ANG, FK 30 yards out. Right of centre this time…>>driven by captain marvel Marquez against the post then bounces clear..superb technique…replay shows deflection..

16- another FK for Mexico,,, 30 yards> left//chipped it. keeper fumbles defender clears…

18- Franco down injured after defender clears the ball and both Franco’s legs in, one action..

23- shot from distance by ANG Figueredo//two metres over the bar.

28-Mendonca ANG shoots from 40 yards in an attempt to catch Sanchez off his line…confident but lacking accuracy/technique.

Macanga, tough tackler for ANG..

My life is spent between screens..the laptop, the tv, the computer at work….tomorrow, in my window of leisure time, I will break this screen spell. I must. Remind myself that life exists out of the electronics…

32-ANG FK 20 yards out..right of goal…chip to Akwa who powers way wide.

Angola more in the game now…

44- yellow for ANG Jamba for cutting down Marquez….

45- Blanco has great chance in the area,,keeper makes praiseworthy block,….


exciting, even game but I am falling asleep…….body and mind are fucked..need to rest,,spirit is irritable as ever.

This has been a bruising and fiery encounter with both teams getting stuck into the nasty side of the game…

I am freezing cold but I am hoping that it is just the fatigue, and not a chill of some kind…too early to make a cup of tea and too late..early, as lady sleeeping,,late, as caffeine may inhibit my hibernation plans…..

556am–first chorus of the birds outside….what is he saying with all those chirps???faster, slower…what does the change in rhythm mean???certainly not random…If we could speak to birds, imagine what they could tell us……who knows what secrets may have been passed down through a million years of seagull evolution???


50- YELLOW for Kalanga after he collides with Mexican putting him straight on the deck…

I am beginning to wonder if this diary is a test of my endurance or of my stupidity.

52el hombre invisible’ Zinho subbed by MEX

56-world class save from Ricardo to deny initial shot by Blanco,,,..followup cleared off the line.

When someone reports an event, the writing needs to have an anchor in one person, the writer that is..without an anchor the author becomes ambiguous..'the Guardian said this..' or 'the daily mail said that'…writing is meaningless without an anchor..everybody has a perspective, and it is folly to assume that the perspective of the published press is objective…each article is written by one person, then edited by another, so how can two people explain a situation they have only witnessed not lived unless they anchor the report in themselves and make this obvious in the writing…

Too much journalism ambiguously leads the reader to nowhere….I prefer-and think more Right- work by someone which leads me to their perspective and explains it.

68- Mantorras Sub Ang for Mateus

73- SUB Marquez for Figueredo ANG

75- Sub Fonseca on for Franco MEX

Kali has been majestic in the Angolan defence.

78- Mex Sub morales on for Pineda

all I can think of is the warmth and cosiness that awaits me in the bed….

80-RED for Angolan Andre for intentional- but hardly gainful- handball..harsh decision. yellow would have sufficed…

Mexicans hang deep and play counter attack….always seem to have seven players behind or around the ball.

83- Fonseca has chance..left of goal…misses

SUB ANG Moloy comes on for battling Kalanga..

Marquez hits one from 30 yards..Ricardo saves well….

88- Off the post…Fonseca…

Late Mexican barrage of attacks…

The plaudits go to Angola….

MOM- Ricardo in the Angolan goal…….

Well it is no 645am and I am silently thrilled that I can bid farewell to day eight….

The dreamworld beckons, wish me fun in my normally harrowing adventures…but saying that, I have not the energy for much more than pleasure so…. a dream epic set on a beach of a small, almost deserted Caribbean island, populated by me and ten amazonian goddesses would be perfect…..


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