Day Thirteen…

 DAY 13

Portugal v Mexico

What is the history of the unique mexican anthem salute?? The hand held horizontal across the chest……

Portugal are resting every player with a yellow card!5 of the  dirty hacks.

Slovakian ref

Rodruiguez….and Fonseca are in Mexico starting xi…Salcido and Pineda on yellows.


I am firmly hoping for the Mexican’s to stomp the Portugese and I think it may just happen…….

Mexico 2-0


1-Luis Peres is the new Mexican play-maker…little guy with the skills and tricks…

2- 2nd meeting between the two teams..

2- Fonseca, the 'Mexican Rooney', glides past two Portugese defenders then shoots straight at Ricardo…

Mexico are looking for the win…

I don’t expect them to reach the final, but if Italy, England and Argies all go out of the tournament, all of my support will turn to Mexico…They play very entertaining football.

6- GOAL for Maniche,,,The Mexicans allowed Simao to enter the area and play a square pass to the incoming Maniche who slotted a clean strike past Sanchez in the Mexican net…1-0

The wolf(Volpi- mexican coach) is wearing his ‘lucky dragon’ tie..

11- Portugal are completely controlling the game.

21– Maniche makes a burst towards the portugese 18 yard area, and is hacked down just outside by Rodriguez..YELLOW and a dangerous FK>>Figo hits the wall.ball goes for a corner..

Corner>>ref gives penalty..!!!!It was Marquez who blatantly handballed!!!what the hell was he thinking?idiot.

Penalty>>Sanchez moving on his line………but Simao scores a beauty into the left side of the net..great strike…2-0 GOAL..

26- Miguel YELLOW for lewd conduct after kissing a linesman.

27-Perez nails Maniche..studs onto his shin!!YELLOW

29- Ricardo somehow keeps out a point blank effort from Perez, conceding a corner in the process..

GOAL—Fonseca scores a well placed header…..The corner was played to the near post, where the Mexican employed his scalp to direct the ball across the face of goal and into the net….

2-1 now…

Suddenly it is a more even match…Portugal got a nasty wake-up call by Fonseca…

44- MEX Paredo hits one from 30 yards out, which Ricardo saves well…

Corner>>mayhem…….almost a goal for Mexico,,Ricardo got booted during the scramble…

the Portugese keeper is time-wasting…

45- Marques has already worn bare one pair of boots so he jogs to the touchline to grab another..

Portugal began in commanding fashion, gaining a deserved 2-0 lead within twenty minutes of the start, but the Mexicans came back strongly and scored the equaliser their endeavours merited.


SUB MEX Zinha on for Rodriguez

Mexico need a draw from this to make certain their progress into the second round…

The Portugese have dropped the pace of their rhythm, now content to stay solid and invite the excitable mexicans to try and break them down.

57- after some pretty Mexican passing around the box, Miguel opts for a two footed lunge, misses everybody but his hand strikes the ball…PENALTY>>harsh call by the ref because I reckon Miguel was trying to break his fall to the floor, still, his tackle was unsavoury to say the least. he asked for trouble and he got it.

Bravo>>>he misses by a mile…horror for the Mexicans……

Now that will either spur on the men in green and white or grant extra superiority to the reds as the Mexican heads droop????

60- Perez gets his second yellow card ,for diving, he is off RED…Mexico down to ten..

61- SUB POR Ferreira for the vicious Miguel..

64- Bravo breaks the offside trap, gets himself in great position but again shoots well over…

Scolari shouting enthusiasm into the ear of Nuno Gomez as he prepares to enter the battleground…

(my very basic, but adequate, lip-reading skills suggest these as the words of Big Phil: "it is time you put our latin cousins in their place. Now Kill 'em all Gomez, You got that fucko?Or do I need to write it down. Just Remember this -kill 'em" )

69- Maniche BOOKED for useless handball.

SUB POR Gomes on for Postiga

SUB Mex Pineda off for Castro(who was banned from a previous tournament for passing through a drug test with all the wrong colours)

72 first sign of Castro’s drug problems when his pass into the box drifts around thirty yards wide of the desired target…

73- Ferreira hacks down Bravo IN the box, but the ref only gives a corner…


SUB MEX Franco replaces Mendes…

SUB POR Figo off, Boa Morte on


Mexico wilted baldy after the penalty miss, but when they look back on the highlights of this one they will still wonder how they failed to equalize because the Portugese defence was often feeble. If they had scored from the spot I don’t doubt for a second that Mexico would have won the game because they were the better team up until that point (not in terms of quality, but in terms of wanting/trying to win the game).

In the end Portugal’s superior finishing qualities decided the game…But I still assert that they will come unstucky when they meet a world class team, so far their opposition has been more suited to the Conference than the World Cup Finals…

Due to Iran only mustering a 1-1 draw with Angola, Mexico sneak through to the next round despite losing this one!!!!


1. Portugal  Won 3. +7 GD. 9points

2.Mexico Won 1, Drawn 1, Lost 1. +1 GD. 4 points

3.Angola Drawn 2, Lost 1. -6 GD. 2 points

4.Iran Drawn 1, Lost 2.-4 GD. 1 point


Argentina 0-0 Holland

Ivory Coast 3-2 Serbia

1. Argentina> Won 2, Drawn 1, +7 GD, 7 points.

2. Holland> Won 2, Drawn 1, +2 GD, 7 points.

3. Ivory Coast> Won 1, Lost 2, -1 GD, 3 points.

4. Serbia> Lost 3, -8 GD, 0 points.


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