Day 19: Brazil v Ghana

Day 19–Ghana V

(Africa v South.America…)

Michael Essien is the main man for Ghana. Muntarro returns.. 

BRA:>Ronaldo and Adriano start in attack..Ronaldo has scored 14 goals in world cup tournaments,,,equalling the record of Gerd more to make that title his own.. 

The queer quartet. Kaka Ronaldinho Adriano Ronaldo… The loss of Essien is huge for GHANA…he is their heart,their engine,their dynamo, and their warrior-king…. 

IN THE TUNNEL:>Appiah hugging all the Brazillians…Adriano pinched his ass… 

Asamoah Gyan 9 goals in 15 games…(GHA) 

ref is Slovak..linesmen Aussies 

Ghana are the ‘brazil of Africa’.


Essien is Ghana’s best player by a mile. Without him they will be significantly weaker…
Brazil 5-2

The best I can hope for is an all out blood-bath which puts brazil through but at the cost of 8 of their first team players, who will be hospitalized after ferocious Ghanaian hacks… the worst that could happen would be for Brazil to demolish the Africans, with all their players getting in the goals, warming the samba machine up to fever pitch….. 


the weather is grim, I hope it stays like this for England’s match with Portugal…the Brits will do better in rain and wind… 

3- Muntarri knocks Ze Roberto to the ground…. 

5 GOAL...Ronaldo scores after his step-over fools the keeper…great ball over the defence from Kaka, Ronaldo the quickest to react, he shimmies past the stopper and guides the ball into the net for his 15th goal in total in the world cup finals. He is now the top scorer in history at the world cup…..lovely way to steal the accolade from Gerd Muller… 

7- ADDO YELLOW– he kneed Kaka in the cheek…deserved, on both counts. 

11- Muntarri YELLOW for slicing through Kaka… 

13- Adriano is brought down by the Ghanaian keeper after trying to round him…NO..Adriano BOOKED for taking a dive…replay —inconclusive. 

Ghana’s defensive line is pushed very close to the halfway line….extremely vulnerable to balls played over the top into the huge gap between defence and keeper.

19- First shot for Ghana by Drummond, is a belter struck from 35 yards out, saved by Dida, out for corner> 

24- Muntarri threads a ball to Amaoh who turns sharply 18 yards out, and shoot just wide of the post..great chance… 

All Ghana now… 

29- Ghana get in the Brazillian box…Amoah shot is saved..counter-attack leads to YELLOW for Pantsil who ran over Kaka’s flurry of ankles….. 

30- Ghana counter attack leads to a 3 on 3. But the midfielder shoots wildly over from 25 yards when the pressure became too much to bear… 

Neither team knows how to do anything but attack.. 

31- Crowd noise is rising like a kettle coming to the boil….Emerson injured…escorted off the pitch. Gilberto Silva could replace him if need be, who is for my money, a more useful player than Emerson..injury not serious. straight back for Emerson. 

31- Ghana 57- 43 possession!!! 

Appiah always available for team-mates..a constant outlet.

35- Ngam shoot over from 6 yards after great ball in from the left…Emerson did enough to make it near impossible for the striker to get a clean strike away… 

38- Addo booked for sticking his foot into the spokes of the Adriano wheel.,.. 

Brazil>>35 yards out>>central position>>>Ronaldinho–disappointing.

40- Addo on the floor, …replay shows Ronaldinho brought his studs down on Addo’s shins…

42- Ghana corner finds Menza whose downwards header is saved by Dida’s right boot….he should have scored… 

44- Juan Brazil BOOKED for two footed studs on Muntarri…FK 25 yards out>>just left of centre..Appiah drives it a yard or two over the bar… 

46- GOAL—Adriano scores….fast counter-attack ended by the big man…Adriano was offside when the move begun, but wasn’t interfering with play. He was also offside when the assisting pass was made, when he most definitely was interfering with play because he fucking scored… 

That was the most undeserved, wrong goal I have witnessed in this world cup. Ghana have been dominating this match since one down, and in the least deserve to be level with Brazil..Australian linesman doesn’t know the rules, or has very bad sight because he was in direct line of play for both passes….idiot. 

Brazil are very lucky to be 2-0 up. Ghana have produced some Brazilian-esque flowing attacking football of their own; very easy on the eye and obviously tough on Lucio and Juan.


48- Ngam booked for kicking the ball away after refs whistle for free kick… 

Amoah and Drummond both spurn good chances for Ghana… 

57- Carlos is found on the overlap…but his shot is well saved by Kingston… 

58- Drummond brings his sharpened blades down hard onto Juan’s delicate left thigh… 

59- Gha SUB Addo off for Boateng. 

61- Bra SUB Adriano off for Juninho… 

SUB Brazil Emerson off for Gilberto Silva 

69- Ngam is found in the box after great work by Appiah..Ngam shoots, Dida saves….Amaoh almost beats Dida to the rebound…Amoah off for Mensah….SUB GHA 

79- Jam shoots well from 12 yards out, solid, but easy save for Dida… 

80- Painstill aims one at his own goal!!saved in style by Kingston…. 

81- Gyan gets his second yellow >>RED>>>for one of the worst dives ever to sour a world cup match…the nearest player was 3 ft away from Gyan when he fell to the ground like he had been force- fed cyanide… 

83- SUB BRA Kaka leaves the fray for Ricardinho…(left sided midfielder)

84- Ze roberto is sent clear behind the Ghanaian defence..kicks the ball past the keeper then walks the ball into the net for 3-0 GOAL….. 

This is too much punishment for Ghana. They don’t deserve to be 3-0 down.. 

88-Kingston makes a brilliant one handed save from Ronaldo’s powerful drive from 15 yards out… 

Ghana proved there is not truth to the common adage ‘you make your own luck’

90- Cafu is found in the box., but the Brazillian right back’s chip is well saved by Kingston… 

93-Kingston makes another world class save when he reacts smartly to smother Juan’s shot from 8 yards… 


Brazil weren’t the best team on the pitch if you look at possession, shots, passes, tackles…but the Africans couldn’t shoot for shit….and Brazil most certainly can, and will shoot, with divine brilliance whenever they are given the chance…Ghana entertained and showed that the Brazillian defence ain’t great, but they also clearly displayed major problems of their own inre: putting the ball in the net….(and ill-discipline and violence…) 


Other Result:

Spain 1- 3 France.


Quarterfinal line-up>>>

Germany v ARgies

Italy v Ukraine

England v Portugal

France v Brazil                


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